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Our Programs

Learning Through Play | Mix with traditional teaching style


(2.5 to 7 years old)

Fun and vibrant way of storytelling by the teachers and children to spark curiosity in children.

Storytelling programme varies according to level. Your child learns to present simple sentences to the crowd as young as 4 years old. At the age of 5 to 6 years old, your child will tell renowned classic stories such as little red riding hood and stories of idioms to the audience. Your child practices show and tell at all ages. 

Perfect programme to spark creative and curiosity in children.

Develop strong unique feeling for each story which cast strong impression in their memory


Chinese Classics

(2.5 to 7 years old)

The traditional way of reading out loud  Chinese Classics accompanied with short storytelling

Classics: Tang Poetry, the Three Character Classic and the other classics

Gain an in-depth knowledge of Chinese values and morals to develop character in children. 

New classes start on every January and July. Your child will get to recite Classics together with other children and do a short enacting of the roles in the recited lines.


Holistic Chinese Enrichment

(3.5 to 6 years old)

Exciting and energetic way of using pictures, flashcards and strange stories to spark curiosity in the kids to learn Chinese language.

N1 level (90 minutes)

A series of songs and dance, games, crafts and storytelling, a child-centred purposeful play in which your child learn more than 200 Chinese words through practising active listening, word recognition and speaking.

N2 level( 90 minutes)

Focusing on listening and engaging their classmate through communicating simple sentences, a mixture of fun role-play with song-singing and strange storytelling with your child's hands-on crafts. Your child will find learning Chinese language learning much more fun than before. 

An additional of 200 new words will be imprinted in their mind along the fun and interactive way. 

K1 level (90 minutes)

With the empowerment of many Chinese words, your child learns Hanyu pinyin, recites Poetry and does more writing at this level. 

Song-singing and storytelling by your child in front of their peers build their self-confidence and creativity.

An additional of more than 300 new words will be creatively taught.

K2 level (90 minutes)

In additional of Song-singing and storytelling by your child in front of their peers at this level, your child recites Di Zi Gui and continue the practices of Hanyu Pinyin recognition and writing of Chinese Characters 

Kids at Playground

Adult Conversational lesson

Through Skype

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